Adding Custom Tokens

Include your own custom tokens in the application
Default supported tokens can be configured at the NodeProvider level.
To add new tokens that are not supported by the Node SDK natively, supply an array of Token objects to the NodeKitProvider
Token object should be created as shown:
new Token(chain: ChainId, address: string, decimals: number, symbol?: string, name?: string, logoUri?: string) The only required fields are chain, address, and decimals. The rest of the fields are optional, but will drastically improve UX if present.
export default function AppWrapper() {
// code here
return (
new Token(ChainId.Mainnet, "0xCb5A82C5EBD977E88799D6ef9F9ea08160F03217", 18, "TST", "Test Token", ""),
<App />