Query a Swap

In most cases, the best hook to use for querying swap quotes is useSwapTypedAmount
This hook takes in an input, output, inputAmount, and will return an object containing details on the specific trade. The input amount should be in human-readable format, not accounting for decimals. useSwapTypedAmount will account for decimals on its own. The intent is for inputAmount to be the exact string typed by the user into a text box.
By default, swap quotes will refresh with every new block (approximately every 5 seconds if you are on Celo). However, this constant is configurable within the NodeKitProvider under ConstantOverride
import { useSwapTypedAmount } from "@node-fi/react-native-sdk"
function SwapComponent() {
const [inputToken, setInputToken] = useState<string>();
const [outputToken setOutputToken] = useState<string>()
const [inputAmount, setInputAmount] = useState<string>()
const tradeDetails = useSwapTypedAmount(inputToken, outputToken, inputAmount)
return (
<TokenSelector onSelectToken={setInputToken}>
<TokeSelector onSelectToken={setOutputToken}>
<TextField label="Input Amount" onChangeText={setInputAmount}>
tradeDetails ? tradeDetails.error
? <Text>{`Error: ${tradeDetails.error}`}</Text>
: <View>
<Text>{`Expected output: ${tradeDetails.output.toFixed(2)} ${tradeDetails.output.token.symbol}`}</Text>
: null